Published On: August 22nd, 2023

Press Release C/P/F “Adamantios Korais”: About itinerary on 22-08-23

The company ZANTE FERRIES informs the passenger public that the ship of C/P/F – ADAMANTIOS KORAIS participates by order of the state services in the rescue procedures of the patients of Alexandroupolis hospital.

The ship was scheduled to depart from the port of Alexandroupolis at 10.00 am. with destination Samothraki and to perform the following approved itineraries.

TUESDAY 22/08/23

Alex/polis 10:00
Samothraki 11:50 13:00
Alex/polis 14:50 16:00
Samothraki 17:50 18:50
Alex/polis 20:40

Accordingly, the above itineraries will be executed after the release of the ship from the Central Port Authority of Alexandroupolis.