Published On: August 22nd, 2023

– NEW – Press Release C/P/F “Adamantios Korais”: About itinerary on 22-08-23

The company ZANTE FERRIES informs its passengers that the ship of C/P/F ADAMANTIOS KORAIS N.P.11800 carries out the route for the transport of patients from the port of Alexandroupolis to the port of Kavala at the behest of the state authorities and due to emergency and national needs.

After the ship docks at the port of Kavala and the safe disembarkation of the patients and the disinfection of all areas of the ship by a specialized crew at the port of Kavala and as long as it is released, it will set sail around 5:00 p.m. bound for the island of Samothraki to pick up and transport passengers and vehicles to Alexandroupolis and will run routes according to the table below.

The itineraries of 08/23/2023 will run as normal.
For any other change we will inform you with a newer press release.

TUESDAY 22/08/23

Samothraki 22:00
Alex/polis 23:50 01:30 (23/08)
Samothraki 03:20 04:00
Alex/polis 05:50